The Harlequin Hatchery: Raising Harlequins

Along with dwarf hotots and BEW netherlands...

UPDATED: 12/5/15


So much updating to do....As per normal....Contact me for availability


About Us

The Harlequin Hatchery is a very small, one-person operation run by myself, Sarah Freund. We began with one large wooden hutch that we have decided to use for young kits in transition and quickly expanded with a handfull of metal cages. THH is a rabbitry geared towards producing the best show quality harlequin possible, but we're just starting out. Our other goal is to spread more harlequins onto the eastern coast.  


THH's The Impossible is high harlequin so far for 2015!

THH's The Impossible again took BOS in open at the 2015 harlequin nationals in Missoula, MT. We had a couple other good placements too.

THH's The Impossible took BOS in open at the 2014 ARBA national convention. My rabbits placed very well overall. 

I have rabbits all over the country and I placed 1st in youth sweepstakes for 2013 nationally for harlequins!


ARBA Rabbitry: D1319

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