All sales are final.

Research or prior knowledge is encouraged before a purchase.

If circumstances do not allow the new owner to keep their rabbit I will be willing to take it back, but there will be no refund. Pedigrees must also be returned.

Rabbits will not be given to a buyer before eight weeks of age.

Rabbits must be paid for before leaving my hands.

Once a rabbit leaves my care it is no longer my responsiblity. It's the job of the buyer to check for DQ's and/or other problems.

If a rabbit dies within seven days the buyer will be entitled to another rabbit of equal value, but will not be reimbursed for the purchase or any vet bills.

In order to hold a rabbit, a non-refundable 50% deposit must be made. After two weeks I will charge five dollars per week to keep the rabbit. If the potiential buyer fails to pay for upkeep or no longer is in communication the deposit will be forfeited and the rabbit will be put back up for sale. During a hold the rabbit is still my property.

Cash is prefered although checks and PayPal are both accepted.

If a rabbit is marked as showable it means that to the best of my knowledge it will not be disqualified on the show table. That does not mean that it is not possible to be disqualified. I can not say if a rabbit will do well or not. You must decide for yourself.

If a rabbit is marked as brood, but you think it can show then it is my loss and your gain.

If a rabbit is marked as proven it means that they have produced for me. I can not say that they will produce for a buyer.

I will not ship a rabbit unless the buyer arranges transport and pays for all fees.

Upon purchase the buyer must supply an adress, email, and phone number in case there is a problem.

By contacting me and inquiring about a purchase you are agreeing to my terms.

Thank you!


I can travel to meet a buyer if they pay a fee for gas (Unless I'm already going there - Like a show).


Lots of harlequins coming up

Dwarf Hotot Herd Reduction!!!

Please read my terms and conditions before contacting me about anything listed here.



Harlequin Rabbits 


 Bags of starter feed are available for $1 each










Contact me for more details


Warning: growth may have occured. :)

 Pets are available for discount prices - Contact me

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